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 면역 우유(Hyper-immune milk)


Milk! We all know it's good for us, but scientists at AgResearch are making it even better. They are creating a new type of hyper-immune milk that aims to make our immune system more efficient and us healthier.


과학자들이 우리 면역체계를 보다 효율적으로 작동하게 하고 우리를 건강하게  목적으로 새로운  면역 우유를 개발하게 되었다.


Milk is a complex mixture of proteins, sugars, fat and vitamins in an aqueous solution. Proteins make up around 3% of this, and there are a variety of different types. AgResearch scientists in the hyper-immune milk research project are particularly interested in looking at theantibody proteins. These form an essential part of the immune system, and are produced by cells called B-cells.


우유는 대단히 복잡한 성분들이 융해되어 있다. 단백질, 당분, 지방 그리고 비타민  포함되어 있다. 단백질은 3%정도 포함되어 있으며 다양한 형태로 존재한다.  면역 우유프로젝트 과학자들은 특별히 항체 단백질에 관심을 갖게 되었다. 항체단백질은 면역체계의 필수적인 요소이며 소위 말하는 “B-Cell” B세포에 의해서 생성된다.



Get information sheet: The immune system

Human babies and calves need antibodies

B-cells produce antibodies in response to specific infections. These antibodies label the invading virus or bacteria for destruction. Some B-cells produce IgG antibodies. In humans, the mother transfers IgG antibodies across the placenta to her fetus.


인간이나 송아지 모두 어린 아이는 항체가 필요하다. B Cell(세포) 특정한 감염에 대하여 항체를 생성한다.  항체들은 침입한 박테리아나 바이러스를 공격하기 위해서 표시(labeling) 한다. 어떤 B Cell IgG 항체를 생성한다. 인간에게 있어서 어머니는 IgG 항체를 태반에서 태아에게로 이전시킨다.


Cows, on the other hand, are born with no natural immunity to disease. Instead of transferring IgG antibodies via the placenta, the mother cow transfers large quantities of these antibodies to her calf in her colostrum milk. It is vital that a calf ingests these antibody proteins so that it has some ability to cope with all the pathogens in its new environment. After about eight milkings, the colostrum composition changes to that of normal milk with reduced levels of antibodies.


반면에 소는 질병에 전혀 면역력을 갖지 않고 태어난다. 태반에서 항체를 이전시키는 대신에 초유에서 대량으로 IgG 항체를 이전시킨다. 송아지는 항체 단백질을 소화해서 새로운 환경에 적응할  있는 능력을 갖추는 것이 필요하다. 8번의 수유 후에는 모유는 항체가 줄어들어서 정상적인 우유성분이 된다.



Different types of antibodies

IgG antibodies are the most common antibodies found in a human or cow body. They are mainly in the blood and lymph systems, and in the colostrum of cows. IgA antibodies are common in secretions such as human saliva, tears, perspiration. They are also found in cows’ milk. Both types of antibodies help the immune system by targeting invaders for destruction.


다른 형태의 항쳬

IgG 항체는 인간이나 소에서 흔히   있는 항체다. 그들은 혈액이나 림프시스템 그리고 초유에 있다. IgA항체는 인간의 , , 그리고 눈물 등에 있다. 그들(IgA) 또한 우유에서 발견된다.  종류의 항체(IgG & IgG) 면역체계를 도와서 외부침입자를 파괴한다.


Hyper-immune milk

“Hyper” means more than. Hyper-immune milk therefore contains more than the usual level of immuno-proteins. This can be useful in fighting off disease.


 면역 우유란 의미는 보통의 우유보다 면역 단백질이 많다는 것이다. 면역 단백질은 병균과 싸우는데 유용하게 쓰인다.


Get animation: Hyper-immune milk at work

How is hyper-immune milk produced?

Some hyper-immune milk is based on colostrum and the naturally high levels of IgG that are in it.

AgResearch scientists have developed a method to vaccinate cows with microorganisms that can cause infectious diseases in humans. Using killed bacteria, the vaccination process is similar to that used in all vaccinations of humans and animals.

The vaccinated cows respond by producing increased levels of specific IgA antibodies in their milk. These antibodies are able to bind to the disease-causing organism. The milk can be collected and processed. These can be used in human food products, and will protect the human gastrointestinal tract from the disease-causing organism.


 면역 우유가 어떻게 만들어 지는가?

   면역 우유는 초유를 바탕으로 만들어 지고 IgG 대단히 많다. 과학자들은 소에게 백신주시를 놓는 방법을 개발하여 인간에게 질병을 야기하는 다양한 미생물을 소에게 주사한다. 이는 인간이 백신 주사를 맞는 과정과 유사하다.

백신 주사를 맞은 소는 IgA 우유 속에 많이 있다.  항체들은 병원균을 꼼짝 못하게 하는 성향이 있다. 이러한 항체가 들어 있는 우유를 모아서 처리 가공한다.   면역 우유가 우리 인간의 소화기계에 병을 야기시키는 것으로부터 소화기계를 건강하게 지킬 있다.


Get video: Making hyper-immune milk

Delivering hyper-immune milk to the public

The hyper-immune milk that the cows produce will be processed to a powder containing increased levels of IgA antibodies when compared with normal milk powder. The milk powder can then be incorporated into a delivery mechanism, such as a lozenge or a chewing gum.

The advantage of hyper-immune products is that the antibodies in the processed milk powder interact with the pathogen and aid in its removal before the number of pathogens increases dramatically and makes us sick. It would be particularly useful to people whose own immune system is weakened and not able to fight the infectious organisms, for example, people with cancer, or the elderly.


Get video: The market for hyper-immune milk

 면역 우유는 일반 우유에 비하여 IgA항체가 대단히 많고  항체는 항원과 작용하여 중화시켜서 제거함으로 질병을 야기시키지못하게 한다.   면역 우유는 특히 면역체계가 약하거나 암과 같은 인자와 싸우는 경우 혹은 노약자에게 매우 유용하다.



초 면역 우유의 활용


Background of Clostridium difficile –associated diarrhea – 설사와 관련된 치료가 잘 안 되는 식중독을 일으키는 박테리아 -C. difficile associated diarrhea – CDAD




A. Untreated HeLa cells(치료하지 않은 헬라 세포(자궁 경관 암종에서 뜯어낸 친암(親癌) 세포)

B. HeLa cells after being subjected to C. difficile toxins(박테리아 독성물질에 노출)

C.Toxin neutralisation by bovine hyperimmune whey protein concentrate( 초면역 우유로 중화)

No cell death occurred. – 세포가 손상되지 않았다.

Toxin neutralizing HeLa cell line assay with bovine hyperimmune whey protein concentrate



Control whey protein vs Hyperimmune whey protein concentrate

Reduction of cytotoxicity - cyto(세포의 뜻) toxicity(유독성)



Control whey protein concentrate

Hyperimmune whey protein concentrate

Reduction of



Toxin A

15 ng/ml

600 ng/ml

40 x

Toxin B

30 pg/ml

10 ng/ml

332 x

Control = 100 % cell death






Conclusion and outlook

Consumption of anti-C.difficile hyperimmune whey protein concentrate could prevent occurrence and/or reduce the risk of recurrence of CDAD. Efficacy testing is currently in progress in clinical trials with patients. Market acceptance of MucoVax first tier product, a bovine hyper immune whey protein concentrate against C. difficile, will be positioned as a nutraceutical or food ingredient with the GRAS status.


고질적인 식중독으로 인한 고통을 줄일 수 있다.


Promising applications of MucoVax’s first tier product is twofold.

ü  A whey product with high biological value for application in new or line extensions of existing clinical nutrition products or nutritional supplements and positioned for an effective nutritional therapy of people with CDAD.- 잘 낮지 않는 박테리아로 소화기계의 고통을 받는 사람들을 치료하기 위한 보조식품이나 기존의 크리니칼 영양 제품으로 사용될 수 있다.

ü  A whey product with high biological value in a lower concentration in functional foods for risk reduction. Possibly in combination with micro-nutrients, antioxidants, insoluble fibres, pre- and probiotics for preventive nutritional support in order to raise protection of elderly in rehabilitation / geriatric wards against outbreaks of CDAD. -CDAD로부터 고통 받는 노약자들을 위한 예방적 차원의 보조식품으로 사용될 수 있다.

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